Northwest Ohio farmers sending help to Kansas ranches hit by wildfires


BUCYRUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio farmers are sending hay, fencing materials and other supplies to Kansas to help ranches that were devastated by wildfires this month.

Rose Hartschuh runs a dairy farm with her husband near Bucyrus and helped coordinate the assistance from farmers and agricultural businesses. She says though the fires were 1,000 miles away, the devastation hit home for the agricultural community and people have stepped up to help.

They're aiming to head to Kansas on Friday with roughly 30 truckloads of supplies and dozens of volunteers. Some will stay in Kansas for a few days to help with clearing debris, rebuilding fences and other cleanup work.

Hartschuh tells WCMH-TV that people from about half of Ohio's 88 counties have offered some sort of assistance in the effort.

If you'd like to help, we've posted a link.