Northwood commute gets a little easier

NORTHWOOD, Ohio (WTVG) - Northwood drivers no longer have to wonder if a train is blocking Wales before they leave for work.

The City of Northwood has posted a live stream on YouTube of the railroad tracks on Wales, between East Broadway and Woodville.

Kelley Amstutz, City Clerk for Northwood, tells 13abc that the city had already installed a blue light that alerts drivers to a train blocking the roadway. But, she says, Police Chief Tom Cairl wanted to alert drivers to any trains before they leave home, to further save time.

Amstutz says that this particular crossing is known to be blocked for long periods of time by trains, sometimes for a few hours. She says the Chief hopes that this live stream helps drivers avoid any issues.

As for plans for any other future live streams, Amstutz says that Northwood is a small city, measuring up to a mile long, so there aren't many other areas that cause drivers trouble like these tracks do.

The live stream can be found on YouTube here: