Northwood looking for ideas for Woodville Mall site

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NORTHWOOD, Ohio (13abc Action News) - When you look at the land you see possibilities.

It wasn't that long ago Woodville was a working mall with shoppers and stores.

Today, no shoppers and no stores.

Bob Anderson is the Norhtwood City Administrator. He says location became a problem as did the appeal of shopping malls.

Businesses, like people, have a life cycle and Woodville Mall hit old age with leaks and mold and no heat.

Sears tore down its building; Northwood taxpayers are on the hook for to tear down the Andersons building... Tireman and Elder-Beerman.

Anderson says, "It's going to cost us over $2 million to clear this up. Actually, when I say us, I mean all of us, everybody who's listening to this."

That $2 million comes from state money, your tax dollars.

The Andersons building and the Tireman store and the Elder-Beerman will be down by the end of March.

But the question then becomes, what happens now?

Anderson says, "The city's not quite sure what we're hoping to develop here."

Thursday night, Northwood is asking residents for their ideas. Some want a factory or restaurants or housing.

There are a lot of ideas and the site is on the market.

But maybe taxpayers have some ideas that will work, Yet for now, first thing's first.

Anderson says, "We've got to tear it down so we can redevelop it."

Thursday night's meeting begins at 6pm at the Northwood City Hall building on 6000 Wales Rd.