Northwood schools talk safety, security with parents

NORTHWOOD, Ohio (WTVG) - Northwood teachers, administrators and parents all have one thing in common: they want kids to be safe when they come to school.

"It truly is terrifying. Seeing everything on the just hits close to home," Michelle Hanely, a Northwood parent said.

These days, as we've seen tragically, time and time again, safety isn't always guaranteed. That's led to anxiety and fear even in the local communities.

"Fear is a problem. We need to make sure everyone knows what we do on a yearly basis," Jason Kozina, principal at Northwood high school, said.

Tuesday, dozens of parents poured into Northwood to have that conversation. It comes after threat rumors circulated on social media that ultimately were found to be false.

"This is a year round thing for us, not just when there is heightened concerns" Kozina said. "We take security seriously every single day. We talk about it all the time."

Kozina says the district is fortunate to have a brand new building with updated technology, like more than 100 security cameras. The new facility also has a panic button system, buzzers at the front doors and staff and students trained to respond, just in case.

"We are not just a shelter in place school," Kozina adds.

Parents have no doubt that safety is a top priority for the district.

"I think they take everything serious, whether it's a threat or whatever," Hanely said.

But know there is always that small chance their child won't be coming home is hard to swallow.

"I'm getting choked up, you know. It scares me," Stephanie Irving, who has two kids in school said. "I want to know that my kids are coming to school and they're going to be safe."