Now hiring: local grocery stores and gas stations

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 7:49 PM EDT
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Empty shelves and packed pumps are a sign of the times.

It seems like right now, only grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores remain open.

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted said the requests for unemployment have increased more than 10-fold this week compared to two weeks ago. If you're one of those people without work right now, there are some places in our area hiring with positions to immediately fill.

Gas prices are low and grocery stores are busier than ever. That coupled with the fact so many are off the job right now is inspiring some local businesses to hire some extra hands.

"We'll be here as long as the government allows us to be to make sure we're here for our community to help them out," said Adam Kaverman, District Manager of Stop & Go Stores.

Stop & Go Stores employs about 300 people at nearly 40 locations in the Toledo area. The gas station is now looking to hire some extra help.

"We're filling cashier and management positions right now throughout our stores. We have needs in all of our stores for those positions," said Kaverman.

The same is true for Walt Churchill's Market. It's all hands on deck to keep aisles stocked.

"There's a lot of people displaced due to this virus. It's something that we've not seen before that it's kind of a crazy thing. People aren't sure what to do. So, we are kind of reaching out to those that kind of feel lost right now," said Payton Miller, Recruiter for Walt Churchill's Market.

Both the Maumee and Perrysburg grocery stores are hiring for all positions. The hope is to add about 50 more employees to keep up with the current demand.

Miller said the response to that call for help has been overwhelming.

"It's definitely been an uphill battle to say the least, but it's definitely been a good thing. We've definitely seen a lot of community involvement and seeing what we can do to help those around us right now. It's kind of looking out for each other in that sense," said Miller.

Thursday marks orientation for some new Walt Churchill's Market employees.

To apply to the grocery store,


To apply to S&G Stores, stop by any gas station and fill out an application, or go to