Nurse helped trooper pull man from burning car

Published: Nov. 15, 2017 at 5:37 PM EST
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Pictures of a burned-out Mustang show the aftermath of a crash.

Dash cam video shows how the man inside is pulled to safety moments before his car explodes.

"Yeah, it's just like the movies, believe it or not," describes Ginger Havlin, who drove up to the scene of the accident moments after it occurred.

The crash was on the Route 20 bypass east of Fremont at County Road 198.

State troopers say a Ford Mustang pulled into the path of a Dodge Durango and was T-boned.

The driver of the Durango had minor injuries; The driver of the Mustang was trapped.

That's when Havlin, a registered nurse from Bellevue, got out of her own vehicle and ran to check on him.

"I was assessing him, feeling his legs, see if he could, you know, have any sensation in his legs," said Havlin.

Moments later, Trooper Donte' Hanns arrived and the Mustang caught fire.

According to Lieutenant Matt Meredith, Trooper Hanns ran to the passenger side of the vehicle and used his extendable baton to break the window and set the driver free.

"He got his shoulders and I got in and wedged his legs out," describes Havlin.

Seconds after that, she and the trooper were leading the driver to safety as the car exploded behind them.

"Trooper Hanns was in the right place at the right time. He used his training and basically put himself in harm's way to help save somebody else's life," adds Lieutenant Meredith.

Same goes for Havlin, who fell back on her training as a nurse.

"I mean nothing hit me until after it was over with. It was just do what you do and you just kick in and do it," she said.

Those quick actions likely saved a man's life.

That man, Jose Gonzalez, 21, of Sandusky, was cited for Driving Under the Influence. His arraignment was set for Wednesday afternoon in Fremont Municipal Court, but he did not show up.