ODOT set to shift traffic on I-75 at I-475 in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - From dodging orange barrels to navigating congested lanes drivers are getting fed up with work on I-75 in Toledo.

"I still try to avoid it," said Point Place driver Jim Yarrito.

"I just totally avoid the expressway," added Toledo driver Cindy Bernhard.

Since 2015 the Ohio Department of Transportation has worked to overhaul the busy stretch of highway between I-475 and Lagrange Street. The $148 million project has come with several lane restrictions and even ramp closures.

Those narrow lanes are part of the reason drivers like Berhard avoid the road all together.

"If the trucks go faster than they're supposed to go they are able to 'skip' and almost hit my car," said Berhard.

Starting Thursday drivers will notice some more changes.

Southbound traffic between Lagrange and Detroit will be reduced to one lane. The ramp from I-75 to westbound I-475 will also be down to one lane and eventually temporarily closed. It's all in an effort to move traffic onto new pavement.

Perhaps the biggest change with all of work, though, is the shift of the ramp on I-75 to I-475 a half a mile north. That will mean a shift in traffic.

"I feel sorry for people that are coming through for the first time," said Yarrito.

The Point Place resident says he had a hard enough time navigating the movement of the I-280 ramp a few months back.

"Several times I got in the wrong lane, and I was off for the tour and then I got turned around," said Yarrito.

Now prepping for another ramp change he hopes other drivers take time to get used to it, too.

"Once you've been through it a couple times you got a feel for it," said Yarrito. "You'll get through it and it will go smooth."

With work expected to wrap-up by the end of the year drivers say they're ready for it all to be in the rear view mirror.