Chase suspects were under investigation for counterfeiting, buying guns

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A high speed chase that started in Perrysburg and ended in Toledo on Tuesday was reportedly linked to a much larger investigation. According to police, they were conducting an investigation into suspects who were using counterfeit money to buy guns.

Among the suspects were Filmel Williams, Jr., who was arrested on Tuesday, and another suspect who evaded police capture following a high speed chase on I-75. That investigation was conducted by Perrysburg Township police, along with police from Sylvania, Oregon, and the Secret Service.

"They were finding these firearms through various online outlets," explained Detective Sergeant Todd Curtis. He continued, "They'd come down and pay counterfeit money for those guns and people would be out of their firearms and stuck with counterfeit money."

Police and agents set up a meeting between the men and an undercover officer in a parking lot in Perrysburg Township. They were able to arrest Williams, the passenger in the suspects' car, but his accomplice fled, striking a Perrysburg city detective vehicle and nearly colliding with Township detectives. He then took off down Route 20 before getting on I-75 toward Toledo sideswiping a State Trooper vehicle along the way.

He eventually pulled into the Manhattan Manor apartment complex and abandoned the vehicle, jumping a fence to evade police.

Police were able to take the black Camaro as evidence and gave 13abc an exclusive look at the vehicle, including the damage done from various collisions during the chase.

Police are still searching for that second suspect but in the meantime they say that you should use caution when selling anything online. Police departments have designated areas for people conducting online transactions and they ask that you use those to keep yourself out of danger.