Ohio DUI laws stricter now than in past

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A local man was arrested for his 8th operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) charge. Changes in Ohio laws, when it comes to driving while under the influence cases, are in part due to multiple offenders.

When state troopers pulled over Mark Tarver, his license was suspended and he was drunk. It was his 8th OVI offense.

In researching Ohio laws, we learned they have become stricter over the past few years.

"Your license suspension can be longer. Your jail time sentence can be longer. We have stiffened Ohio OVI laws even with in the last year," said Attorney RaShya Ghee. While she can't speak to Tarver's drunk driving case, she said the court has lots of tools to discourage driving under the influence and to help rehabilitate people.

"In Ohio your fourth time you can be charged as a felony. It stiffens the penalty and after so many times, there are actually what we call Ohio specifications that can be added to your indictment ... which will necessitate mandatory prison time," said Ghee.