Ohio House votes to replace EdChoice vouchers

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 3:04 PM EST
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Senator Teresa Fedor says performance-based vouchers may soon be a thing of the past.

"The scheme and the scam is up," she said.

The House supported a bill last night to end EdChoice vouchers and replace them with income-based scholarships for struggling families.

"We are moving away from performance-based because we know the report card is broken and flawed," Fedor said.

This move could change the plans for thousands of families across the state who intended to send their children to private school with a voucher based on the EdChoice designation given to under-performing schools.

"I think about the students and the parents who are incoming freshman, took the placement test the first week in December and are excited to go to St. John's or Notre Dame Academy or Toledo Christian, and now all of a sudden the rug has been pulled out underneath them," Ann Riddle, the executive director of the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund said.

She likes the idea of Buckeye Opportunity Scholarships but doesn't think families who planned to use vouchers in the fall should be left in limbo.

"I think the transition, this is a poor way to execute it. I think we need to do it incrementally and give the families who are living in these failing school districts a chance to adjust," Riddle said.

"For right now it solves the problem of the budget crisis that Matt Huffman has put all the school districts in in the state of Ohio. He is the senator from Findlay [editor's note: Huffman represents the Lima district] who did this to us, so it brought attention to the wrong direction our public dollars is going to," Fedor said.

The Northwest Ohio Schoarship Fund is hoping to help parents who want their K-8 student to attend private schools. For more information on scholarships click the link on the right hand of this screen