Gov. DeWine signs Ohio coronavirus relief bill

COLUMBUS (WTVG) - The Ohio State House and Senate were back in session Wednesday, taking up a measure aimed at providing a little relief to the residents of the state amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Among the issues on the table, the state's postponed primary, state standardized testing, and utilities.

During their morning vote, state senators passed a measure that would extend the mail-in voting period through April 28, though there would be no in-person voting day. The House would take it up and pass it later that afternoon.

The bill would also eliminate both standardized testing requirements and state school report cards for the 2019-2020 school year.

Finally, the bill would place a moratorium on water shutoffs in the state. Many municipalities have passed similar measures aimed at keeping utilities on while families face a difficult financial future.

DeWine signed the bill at his live press conference Friday.