Ohio State, Michigan match-up means more than football for local fans

MAUMEE, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Whether cheering together or individually, Buckeyes and Wolverines alike came together Saturday to watch what some call the greatest rivalry in college football.

"It's like a one game season," said Michigan fan Mark Mikolajczyk. "It ought to be a national holiday."

Many people had predictions on how the big game would pan out, but in the end it was the Buckeyes who came out victorious yet again with a 31 to 20 win.

"You can lose all the games, but you can't lose this game," said Ohio State fan George Casiano.

For many fans in Northwest Ohio, love for the border battle extends well beyond the game.

"It dates back years and years and years and years," said Michigan fan Kendra Cook. "So every year it's a game everybody looks forward to."

That long-standing history combined with the proximity to the Wolverine State gives the gridiron match-up extra-meaning for some.

"That's what makes Toledo so unique," said Buckeye fan Megan Cooper. "You have to have both teams to make it so exciting. It's not just the Buckeyes--it's about everybody."

Others enjoy the rivalry for the memories it evokes.

"It brings back a lot of memories for me--how intense it was--and what a rivalry I had when I was there and a lot of friends I made at Ohio State," said former player Mike Scannell.

But in the end, one team comes out on top while the other looks to redeem itself in next year's match-up.