Looking for a coronavirus 'wake-up call' Ohio establishes public health advisory system

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 3:39 PM EDT
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Ohio will incorporate a public health advisory system to help look at how individual counties are faring as coronavirus cases increase throughout the state.

Seven indicators have been established, and when various indicators are triggered, those particular counties will have their alert level increase.

Those indicators are:

- new cases per capita

- sustained increase in new cases

- proportion of cases not congregate cases

- sustained increase in emergency room visits

- sustained increase in outpatient visits

- sustained increase in new COVID-19 hospital admissions

- ICU bed occupancy

Governor MIke DeWine announced the system Thursday, adding that the state will try to incorporate three other indicators down the road, which include contact tracing, tests per capita and percent positivity.

Level 1 - Yellow

Zero or one indicators

53 counties

Level 2 - Orange

2 or 3 indicators

28 counties

Level 3 - Red

4 or 5 indicators

7 counties

Level 4 - Purple

6 or 7 indicators

0 counties, though Franklin County is close