Ohio teen honored for saving fellow Boy Scout pinned by tree

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HARRISON, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio teenager has been awarded one of the Boy Scouts' highest honors for helping save another Scout who was pinned by a fallen tree.

Fourteen-year-old Brandon Klotter was presented with the organization's National Medal of Merit in the western Cincinnati suburb of Harrison on Wednesday. The medal was given to him by Max Kramer, the boy he helped save.

In June, Klotter and Kramer were sleeping in their tent at Camp Michaels in Union, Kentucky, when a tree fell on Kramer. Klotter gave him first aid and ran about a quarter-mile to get help.

Kramer told WLWT-TV he wasn't sure he would survive. He suffered broken ribs, a lacerated lung and a shattered spleen. He recovered from the injuries and is back at school and playing football.

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