Ohio zoo suing for gorilla's return asks for ruling without trial

CINCINNATI (AP) - An Ohio zoo that's suing a conservatory for the return of a gorilla has asked a judge to rule in the zoo's favor without going to trial.

The Cincinnati Zoo in October sued The Gorilla Foundation for the return of the silverback gorilla who served as a companion to Koko, the late gorilla famed for mastering sign language. The 37-year-old Ndume was loaned to the California-based foundation in 1991 under a contract that was revised to guarantee his transfer after Koko's death.

Zoo officials claim Ndume has since lived in isolation to his detriment, while the foundation says a transfer would harm him and pose unnecessary risk.

Attorneys for the zoo called for a summary judgment, saying the case was "uncomplicated" and no factual issues remain to be tried.