Ohioans line up to shop as stores limit customers allowed inside

HOLLAND, Ohio (WTVG) - Starting on Monday, Ohio stores are required to limit the number of customers inside. Some stores have already started, and customers are lining up.

Sam's Club in Holland is one of the stores that is already limiting the number of customers inside. Home Depot in Toledo is another. Many people say the wait was worth the safety benefits.

"The new order requires retail businesses to establish a number a people that should be in that business at one time," stated Ohio Governor Mike DeWine at his daily COVID-19 update on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

With that new directive, people may have to line up outside their favorite shopping establishments in Ohio starting Monday.

Sam's Club in Holland started a little early, but the line wasn't long.

There was no line outside. I walked straight in"," says Sam's Club shopper Maria Hernandez.

Hernandez stocked up because she's worried about what happens come Monday.

"I know that everybody's gonna hear and fear might strike them again, so there's gonna be another commotion at the store, so I'm trying to get ahead of the game and go out and get it done and not worry about it," says Hernandez.

Zackary Waldfogel was only buying the basics, and he also walked straight in.
"Just everyday essentials. Nothing major. I'm not going to be some hoarder or something like that. Everybody needs to limit themselves," says Waldfogel.

Over at Home Depot in Toledo, the line was longer. Only 50 people were allowed in at a time. Shopper Randy Preble wasn't bothered.

"The line was less than 20 minutes, everyone kept their appropriate distance," says Preble.

Home Depot is also offering online order pickup for those who want to skip the line, and bins to throw away gloves in the parking lot after shopping.

It's not just about social distancing. Sam's Club now has an employee dedicated to stopping germs.

"They're wiping down carts and stuff like that," says Waldfogel.

"We have to be inconvenienced a little bit but there are the youngest and the oldest, other generations... They can't suffer that," says Preble.

Under the new rule, each store gets to place their own limit on the number of guests permitted inside.

In a statement to 13abc, Home Depot stated they are committed to staying open so people can access essential items, but assured us that they are taking measures such as, "aggressively reiterating physical distancing," and canceling their spring promotions.