Kasich critical of GOP memo release

(COLUMBUS)--- Ohio's Governor is critical of a Republican memo that was released today.

Governor John Kasich said in a news release "the manner in which this was done was wrong and does a disservice to our country."

Kasich, a two-term Republican governor and former presidential candidate added , "the FBI and Department of Justice are important to our country. While we must maintain oversight of these institution, it has to be done in a bipartisan manner, not for partisan reasons or political gain."

Governor Kasich went on to explain that "Russia is not an ally, they are not our friends and they shouldn't be treated as such. The independent investigation into Russia's meddling must continue unimpeded by outside forces from either Congress or the President."

The release of the Republican memo from the House Intelligence Committee was controversial and was cleared by President Trump over the objections of the FBI and Justice Department. The memo describes part of the process that led to the investigation of the Trump campaign. Democrats have also drafted a memo they say provides additional information about the investigation but that memo has not yet been released to the public.