Old Newsboys Paper Sale will help change thousands of local lives

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Friday is a big day for a local volunteer organization. It's the annual Old Newsboys Paper Sale. The event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Jim Pool is the Chairman of the sale, "Our goal is to answer every need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We don't want anyone to have to wait or anyone to have to be cold." The Old Newsboys is able to do that by selling tens of thousands of papers.
Volunteers will hit the streets throughout the Toledo area tomorrow.
All the money raised is used to buy coats and shoes for kids in need.
David Hendricks is a past president and volunteer, "One of the best parts is that the kids are able to choose their own shoes and coat. It's all brand new, and it's all theirs free of charge."

Pool says it is amazing to see the results of their hard work, "It's a great feeling to know that every penny you collect throughout the year goes to the cause. It all helps people who can't afford the bare necessities."

The paper sale is in its 89th year. Hendricks says inside each paper is a lot of information about the work of the organization, "You'll learn about our history, where the money goes and you'll read about some of the kids we've helped."

And speaking of money, Hendricks says they raise a lot of it, "Our goal every year is to raise at least $200,000."

Pool says that money comes in all shapes and sizes, "We get checks, cash $20 bills, $100 bills, dimes, pennies and rolls of change.Every penny is important."

It's a tradition a lot of people look forward to being part of. Some even drive to the same street corner every year to make their donation, "We're going to be a lot of places like Maumee, Perrysburg, Toledo, Point Place and Sylvania. Everybody is smiling. Everybody is in a good mood, and it truly makes a difference in your day."

Hendricks says remember when you see a volunteer on the street corner tomorrow, your spare change can help change the life of a child in our community, "When you see the reality of it all and what can come of it, it makes a big difference in your life."

The paper sale runs all day Friday, and you can always make a donation online.We've posted a link. Friday is also our Hope for the Holidays toy drive. We are teaming up with the Old Newsboys at JC Penney at Franklin Park Mall where we will be collecting for both efforts.