Fostoria home invasion death ID'd as Toledo man

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 10:28 AM EDT
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An intruder is dead after breaking into a home and struggling with the man inside.

A fingerprint search identified the deceased individual as Christopher F. Cavaness Jr, 30, of Toledo.

It happened at 243 W. Lytle St., Fostoria, at about 11:36 PM Saturday, October, 19, 2019.

According to a news release from Fostoria Police, a man called 911 and said two people broke into his home. He struggled with the intruders and ended up shot. One of the suspects was also shot and was pronounced dead inside the home.

Fostoria Police have not yet identified the suspect who was shot and killed.

A second suspect may have also been shot, according to investigators. Detectives say that second intruder, described as a man whose face was covered, escaped before officers arrived.

A woman who lives at the home was not hurt. The man who lives there was taken to the hospital, treated for a bullet wound, and released.

At this point, police say it appears that the specific residence was the only target for the home invasion.

Officers are still looking for the second suspect. If you have any information, you can contact Fostoria Police at (419) 435-8573.

(Image Credit: Seneca County Scanner Uncensored )