One man's push to ban Red Light Cameras

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- If a vehicle registered to you runs a red light, you could end up with a ticket in the mail.

That's not stopping some drivers who want Toledo's Red Light Cameras turned off.

"This is about us the people controlling the laws that govern us," said Chester Straley, a Toledoan who came up with a proposal to change the City Charter.

If voters approve, the cameras would be banned.

Straley spent several hours at the Reynolds Corners Branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library getting people to sign on.

He's aiming for 11,000 signatures to get his initiative on the ballot.

Straley says his crusade started last Summer when a $120.00 ticket showed up in the mail after the court date had already passed.

"I don't know why I got mine so late. I can't explain it. But they're not using due diligence in making sure that it's fair and equal and just," added Straley.

Now, he's taking aim at the cameras themselves, one signature at at time.

In response, a spokesperson for the City of Toledo sent 13abc this statement:

“We respect the people’s right to use the petition process. That said, traffic-enforcement cameras serve an important deterrent effect. We know that speeding contributes to fatal and non-fatal injury accidents. And we obviously want to deter drivers from running red lights. We hope that our citizens understand that these cameras help keep our roads safer for families throughout Toledo.”