One person shot in downtown Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo police are investigating a shooting that happened early Sunday morning in a popular spot downtown at bar closing time. One man was hurt, but is expected to be OK.

Jeep Fest brought tens of thousands of people to the Glass City this weekend, making this shooting all the more shocking and scary to those who hangout downtown.

According to the police crime log, the victim is Markos Reyes. He is expected to survive after being shot near Huron and Washington Sunday at 1:55 AM.

Taylor Lynch bartends at Ye Olde Cock N Bull Tavern.

"It was really busy yesterday all day from Jeep Fest and the Mud Hens. So, we had a lot of people in and out all day," said Lynch.

Like most Saturday nights, the intersection of Huron and Washington was crowded around 2 AM. The bars closed and people lined the block waiting for a ride home. That's when Toledo police say shots were fired at a vehicle in the parking lot near the bars.

A witness told 13abc he heard eight rounds go off.

"I was a little scared that something... because the first thing I was thinking of is my friends and coworkers," Lynch.

Michael Effler lives downtown and was out the night this happened. He says he normally feels safe and protected by TPD, especially on a busy weekend like this one.

"There were a lot of people out last night and it's definitely scary to think about what maybe could have happened," said Effler.

This part of downtown is a hub for busy bars like Tin Can and Ye Olde Cock N Bull Tavern. Following the deadly shooting in Dayton's popular entertainment district last weekend, people are on high alert.

"Just with everything going on people are very cautious about their surroundings and if they hear even a firework or a car backfiring, people get panicked," said Bradley Whitiker. He has lived in Toledo his whole life and came downtown Sunday to watch the Mud Hens.

"Pretty close to home here, pretty close to where I stay. So on one side I was surprised, but also with all of the different shootings going on around the country and Dayton and everything else I guess it's hard to say I'm too surprised," said Effler.

"It's just devastating. Just so horrible that these things happen. I just pray that it will never happen again," said Dawn Polk who lives in Toledo and brought her family downtown Sunday to see the Mud Hens play.

The investigation is ongoing. 13abc has reached out to TPD to see if they have a motive or suspect. We are waiting to hear back. In the meantime if you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.