Day 1 of opening statements in case of teen shackled in her own home

Published: Jan. 23, 2017 at 6:04 PM EST
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Twelve jurors will decide the fate of father and son, Timothy and Esten Ciboro. They are accused of shackling a teen girl, who is Timothy's daughter, in the basement of their home.

Timothy and his adult son, Esten, face a variety of charges. The men are representing themselves in the criminal case.

Last summer a 13-year-old girl was found by a some good samaritans near the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority building. Karen Laudermill told 13abc she thought the young girl was a run-a-way until she noticed marks on her ankle and knew something was wrong.

According to a search warrant the then 13-year-old girl told police she ran away because Timothy and Esten chained her up in the basement as a punishment. She was also allegedly forced to urinate in a bucket with ammonia. She told investigators her right ankle was shackled to a fixed object. The teen told investigators she snuck a handcuff key down to the basement. When Timothy and Esten left she unlocked the shackle, packed her clothes and left.

In court on Monday, Timothy referenced Bible verses.

"When things are presented to the jury the truth needs to come out. We need know the facts. Are they the facts what they say are happening. We want the truth to come out," said Timothy Ciboro.

The prosecuting attorney, Jennifer Reed, said many dark secrets were uncovered when this teen escaped from the home on the 800 block of Noble Street.

"They had a weight in the basement. The big beam in the basement they had a weight behind it with the chain wrapped around and the shackles attached to that. There this child had a bucket that she could sit on. If she was good she could get a little thin pillow, but otherwise she sat on that bucket flipped upside down. Another bucket next to it filled with ammonia . Her prison was both physical and mental," said Lucas County Prosecutor Jennifer Reed.

"You will see how the primary victims being held by child traffickers the trauma inflicted at the hands of their current caregivers and the detectives leading questions produced the false testimony given by the children in this case," said Esten Ciboro.

Thirteen witnesses will testify in this case including the victim in this case and her siblings.