Opera legend Maria Callas comes back to the stage via hologram technology

Promotional: Maria Callas

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Symphony Orchestra and the Stranahan Theater are bringing Maria Callas back to the stage, 50 years after her final performance.

The late opera legend will be in hologram form, of course.

The virtual Callas, whoh passed away in 1977, will apparently interact with a live conductor and respond to the reactions of a live audience.

“Hologram technology first came to concert stages about ten years ago, but technological limitations made the experience less than stellar,” says Zak Vassar, President & CEO of the Toledo Symphony. “This production from BASE Hologram, however, is really exceptional. The life-sized Callas will walk on stage and appear right in front of our wonderful orchestra. She will reveal the unmatched poise and grace that made her a living legend.

The concert will utilize the technology of BASE Hologram, a company out of L.A. that develops, produces, and distributes live entertainment and location-based productions worldwide that combine holographic cinema and mixed reality with live entertainment.

“There’s no denying that it will be different from a typical concert experience,” says Felecia Kanney, Director of Marketing for the Toledo Symphony. “The human mind is amazing, though. Within a few minutes, audience members will undoubtedly acclimate, suspend disbelief, and just be able to take in what is happening before them. It will be captivating to say the least.”

Single tickets for Callas in Concert, with prices starting at $25, go on sale to the general public on May 1.