Oregon Firefighter delivers baby who wouldn't wait

Jessica Lewinski thought she had plenty of time to make it to the hospital. Pregnant with her third baby, she knew the drill once her contractions began, grab the suitcase, have her Dad load her 2 year old into the car and get to the hospital. The problem was, this time around her contractions took only 5 minutes to intensify to the point of actually having to push the baby out!

John Myer is a volunteer Oregon Firefighter who also spends his days working on his families farm. Myer was headed from his house on Corduroy Road to the farm, when he heard the call for an OB emergency come over his pager. "At the time, I was only 500 feet away from the house so I turned around and pulled in," says Myer. "I grabbed the small bag of first aid supplies that I carry with me, and went into help."

Jessica knew she was having another boy, but she didn't realize she was going to have him that quickly. "I told my Mom, we're not going to make it, I'm going to have the baby here." says Jessica.

"When I walked into the house, her mother said that she could see the head start to poke through, I knew it was go time," says Myer. "His came out head first, nothing bad with the chord wrapped around his head or an arm hanging out, or nothing breach."

"I just kept asking if it was crying yet, is there something there to clean his throat out with," says Jessica. When everyone realized that they were all going to be OK and the life-squad arrived, then both Jessica and John say they could breath a huge sign of relief. Leon John weighed just over 7 pounds and is named after the firefighter that just happen to be driving by on his birthday.