Oregon Schools holds community safety forum in wake of Florida school shooting

OREGON, Ohio (WTVG) - Images from the deadly Florida school shooting are fresh in the minds of those in Oregon.

"It's very sad, of course, and then scary too," said Oregon resident Michelle Jacobs. "When you're an employee in a school and have family in the schools, everybody's affected."

The events surrounding that shooting sparked conversation Monday about what Oregon City Schools is doing to keep students safe.

"It's sad that I have to have discussions with my 6-year-old about what he would do in scary situations like that," said Oregon parent Megan Buehler.

Parents, community members and even students turned out to hear what district leaders and law enforcement had to say about safety in their schools.

"With all the school shootings that have been happening or the threats, I know it's scaring me and a lot of the students that it could possibly happen at Clay," said freshman Emily Kellison.

Even with officers, ALICE training and security cameras at her school, Kellison says she'd like to see additional steps taken to ensure her classmates' safety.

"A lot of students are scared that it's so easy to bring a weapon into our school, whether it be a pocket knife to some kind of gun because we don't have metal detectors," said Kellison.

Getting feedback from people is exactly why Superintendent Hal Gregory says he held the safety forum.

Gregory says hearing from everyone in the Oregon Schools community, particularly parents, helps keep everyone safe.

"They need to ask their kids questions about what is going on in their social circle, about what they are seeing on social media, what they are hearing in their circles," said Gregory. "If there's something that is of concern they need to share that."

It's that openness to conversation that has some parents feeling the district is taking the right steps to keep their kids safe.

"I feel very, very confident that everybody here—police officers, the administration, the teachers—are going to do everything in their power to keep my son safe and that's all that I could ask," said Buehler.