Ottawa Hills man pleads not guilty to rape charges

OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio (WTVG) - An Ottawa Hills man has pleaded not guilty to charges that he raped a 20-year-old woman who was working as his nanny and secretary. Richard Clark, 39, appeared in court Tuesday after being indicted on two counts of rape and one of sexual battery.

Clark was released on $100,000 bond and must submit to electronic monitoring. He has also been ordered to refrain from any direct or indirect contact with the victim.

The case is set to go to trial on April 2, 2019.

Clark has been accused of drugging and raping his nanny and secretary back in September. According to police documents, the victim says on that day Clark attempted, more than once, to convince her to let him give her a massage. When she refused each time, he told her to smell the lotion he planned to use.

The victim told police she did so and began to feel lightheaded, then passed out. When she woke up, she says Clark was assaulting her.

Following the alleged assault, the victim remained in the home tending to Clark's children until his wife came home. After leaving the home, she and a friend went to the hospital for an exam and rape kit.