Parents of murdered OSU student push for a tough new law

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVG) - Reagan Tokes was an Ohio State University student who was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered earlier this year.

Her parents, Lisa and Toby Tokes, spoke in Columbus at the statehouse on Wednesday to push legislators for a tough new law.

Reagan's parents are fighting for the Reagan Tokes Act. It would change how violent felons are sentenced and how they are monitored once they are released from prison.

Brian Golsby is a convicted felon who wasn't being watched closely after he was released from prison. Authorities said Golsby murdered Reagan just three months after his release and while he was on an ankle monitor.

The Reagan Tokes Act calls for longer sentences for offenders who violate rules while in prison, the sharing of GPS coordinates of a parolee with law enforcement, creation of a re-entry to society plan for violent felons and smaller caseloads for parole officers.

At the statehouse, Lisa talked about how she's keeping strong through out this process.

"We’re just appreciative and grateful for the opportunity that we had today to present to the members of the senate and later this afternoon to the members of the house. That hopefully something is done and what is currently flawed and broken in the state of Ohio changes so another family doesn’t experience what ours has," Lisa said.

This is the second hearing with Reagan's parents at the statehouse to discuss proposals to revamp parts of Ohio's corrections system.