Parents use ACT Prep courses to ensure college success

Toledo, OHIO (WTVG) 700 parents in northwest Ohio have opened these doors in hopes of helping their kids get a high score on the ACT or SAT.

STARS stands for student testing and academic resource services.

Greg Owens, a Yale alum, is the founder.

"Admissions and scholarships. That's what it comes down to, and we want either admission to our top school or scholarship money."

Since 2003, STARS has helped local students get the scores they need to attend Harvard, Princeton, MIT and other prestigious schools.

"A good score increase is actually 2 points. 2 points, depending the school and the level the student is already at could literally mean $5,000 a year in scholarship money, depending on the school."

Leah Hileman has used stars for 5 of her 6 children.

They all saw a boost in scores, and got into the college of their choice.

"Money well spent. If i had another kid, I would do it again."