Part of crumbling east Toledo church comes crashing down

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - On Monday, part of Calvary Bible Pentecostal Holliness Church in E. Toledo came crashing down.

Neighbors told 13abc they knew there would be a building collapse.

John Truby thought Calvary Bible would crumble on the first heavy snowfall. However, it happened months before.

"It was an ungodly noise," said James Stuard. "We heard a loud boom. I didn't know what happened."

"There was such a big cloud of dust you couldn't even see the church," said Truby.

Calvary Bible Pentecostal Holliness Church has been sitting on the 400 block of 4th street in E. Toledo for decades.

"This church is very old. I used to attend it as a child," said one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. "I don't know what's been holding it up."

No one knows what's been holding it up because the church has been abandoned for years.

"I want to tell these city officials, I've been telling you so for months and months and even a year ago I told them something had to be done," added Truby. "Well you hesitated and mother nature took its course and did it for you."

Truby initially told 13abc about the abandoned church. He and his son-in-law said they knew this would happen.

Ron Meadows said, "me and my father-in-law have been watching this everyday and we've been watching the walls move a couple inches everyday. We've been waiting for it to happen and sure enough it did."

On Monday, the City of Toledo's Building Department, TPD and Toledo Fire and Rescue were on the scene of the partial building collapse.

"When something is an immediate danger we have the ability to do what we're doing tonight to make the determination to tear it down as soon as possible," said Battalion Chief Brian Byrd of Toledo Fire and Rescue.

Battalion Chief Byrd said the building department may contract it out to have the church demolished on Tuesday.

That is good news for many who have waited for someone to make that call.

"You have to keep at it people," added Truby. "You got to keep at the city and look what's happening now, we're getting it down. Mr. Truby don't let up once I get started."

Toledo fire officials said around the immediate area of the church people should stay outside of the taped zone. Toledo police will keep an eye on the block just to make sure nobody walks by or gets in any danger.

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