Passengers on first plane out of Las Vegas report solemn flight

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DETROIT (13abc Action News) - Some of the passengers were caught in the mayhem of the attack hours before boarding the plane.

Thousands scrambled to save their lives and rushed into hotels during the shooting attack.

Michael Shamoieal was in the Bellagio when panic set in and the doors were locked.

He says, "They lock us downstairs it as a theatre. they kept us down the there for hour, hour and a half."

Passenger Tony Prentiss says the shooter must have been methodically preparing for the attack, saying, "Tto be able to get that many guns up to the 32nd floor, it was almost like he was thinking he was in some kind of war zone."

Police locked down Las Vegas city streets. And people with early morning flights were worried they couldn't get home.

But traffic opened and the Vegas to Detroit flight was delayed about 10-minutes. However, it was a solemn group of passengers,keeping an eye on the news.and the death toll.

Passenger Tony Zerafa says, "Everybody was checking it out ont heir phones, checking out video as the count came up and everything like that."

Passenger Jenny Sottosanti said, "Even the flight attendants were coming on and saying we have to get through this. She wa sin tears talking to everyone this morning."

Amanda Gettgen said, "It's unimaginable to be in that situation. it's unimaginable to be around it. It's surreal."

Now back in Detroit, passengers are starting to deal with this tragedy.

Mike Vandelen said, "Somebody insane, so crazy, makes no sense at all, why somebody would do that.

Tony Prentiss says, "We all just need to come together as a country and love each other and realize we all bleed the same blood."