Pastor's wife says she'll stand by her husband

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Pastor Kenneth Butler's wife posted on her Facebook page she will stand by her husband through thick and thin. He shuffled out of the federal court house guided by agents. The 37 year old allegedly admitted to having sex with a teenage girl. Butler is married. We caught up with his wife at their home. She had no comment.

FBI agents arrested him Wednesday night. According to a federal court document. He allegedly met the teen at Anthony Haynes church.
The victim told investigators they had sex in an alley off of the Anthony Wayne trail and in his vehicle. She claimed approximately one month later, she felt pregnant and took several plan b pills that she believed terminated the pregnancy. Butler's neighbors are shocked.

"When I saw you pull up this morning and I put it all together. They're going down that way. When she came and showed the picture on the phone bam. It's crazy. Real sad."

"I hope that it's false for the sake of our kids and our community."

Butler is the third pastor to be arrested in a circle of ministers accused of sex trafficking of a minor.