Pastor's wife accused in sex trafficking case released on bond

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - She's the former Lucas County Administrator, but facing charges in a federal child sex trafficking case. A judge agreed to let Laura Lloyd-Jenkins out of jail. She is accused of lying to FBI agents.

Laura Lloyd Jenkins will get to spend Christmas with her family, but a judge order her to have no contact with her husband.

"It is unusual in almost most situations. One spouse will help the other through a difficult situation. In this case they wont have each other to rely on and that's tricky," said Jenkins attorney Stevin Groth.

The 43 year old woman was indicted last week for allegedly lying to FBI agents and obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation. The charges are in connection to her husband's case. Pastor Cordell Jenkins and two other pastors Anthony Haynes and Kenneth Butler are accused of having sex with an underage teenage girl. Part of the terms and conditions for her release include she must put up her home on Barrington drive as a $70,000 property bond and she was put on house arrest.

"Electronic monitoring and GPS which will keep track of her and limit her ability to travel or leave her residence other than specific things. The bond which is not a cash bond unlike maybe the state system, but they are going to require the house itself to be forfeited if she would fail to appear," said Groth.

She was ordered to have no contact with any victims, witness or defendants in the case. She also must give up her passport.

"Well I think it's appropriate. This is a trust situation. This judge will trust that she will return base on him giving her this opportunity," said Groth.

The U.S. attorney handling the case agreed with Jenkins release.

"She has no criminal record. She's a professional, she a has impeccable credentials, a body of work that was very strong. She is a good person to society. These are serious charges though," said Groth.

Laura Lloyd Jenkins as well as the pastors in this case will face a judge in January.