Patrolmen named superheroes for bringing Christmas to Kids

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - A child watched kids shop with a cop on television and wondered why couldn't he join in on the fun.

Codi Simon said she couldn't afford much for Christmas and hoped there was something Toledo police could do for her child with special needs. Simon said she made a last minute phone call to a patrolman at Scott Park.

The Friday before Christmas, the kids didn't have to shop with a cop. That is because local patrolmen brought Christmas to their front door.

Now, Simon's children said they have two new superheroes.

Patrolman Jim Below said, "the kids gave us a Superman and a Batman and said well you protect us and we want them to protect you. . . That was very touching"

"I don't know if I'm a superhero," said Patrolman Tracey Britt. "I'm more blessed to meet them and I'm better for that."

The patrolmen made two visits to the Simon house. The family didn't have a Christmas tree, so they picked them up one and more toys from Kroger on Suder Ave.

On Wednesday at Scott Park, the patrolmen were given superhero certificates from the family and Codi read a letter showing how she appreciates their generosity.