People behind the Toledo Christmas weed talk about how it all started

Published: Dec. 17, 2018 at 5:23 PM EST
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A weed at a Toledo intersection is helping get people in the holiday spirit. It all started last weekend when a passing motorist decided to add some tinsel to it, and things have snowballed from there.

Most of you probably remember the scrawny little tree in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Some say the weed firmly rooted on the side of a cement median at Secor and Alexis is Toledo's version of that tree. The people who started it all are blown away by the response to it.

There's a little Christmas magic pushing up through the pavement at one of the busiest intersections in Toledo. But you have to look closely to find it. It's being called the Christmas weed.

Alyssa Emrick's dad Troy started it all, "It's really cool that this little weed has brought the community together."

The story sprouted just over a week ago when Troy was on his way home from church, "He thought it would make people smile if we decorated the weed."

It began with a strand of tinsel, "We put the first piece of tinsel on, and the people of Toledo have taken it to the next level."

And the story has grown like a weed, "The weed has it's own Facebook page now. It's crazy how it's grown." Today the Christmas weed is actually the subject of several Facebook pages. Riz Pack started one of them, "The holidays can be depressing and stressful. They're supposed to be joyous, but that is not always the case. This little tree is making everybody smile."

A lot of people have added to the display. There's now a tree skirt, a tiny train, ornaments and even other plants. Jake Berlin put real lights on the Christmas weed this weekend, "Everybody is talking about it and having a great time with it, and that's important with all the negativity in the world today. It's nice for everyone to come together over something so simple."

So while some of you may be saying Bah humbug, many others say it's a great example of what the holidays are all about, "Spreading joy, making people smile and enjoying the Christmas season. That's what it's all about. Absolutely!"

We're told a so-called Grinch did try to steal the Christmas weed, but all that did was encourage more people to add to the display. If the weed survives another season at the busy intersection, there's talk of making this a holiday tradition.