People in Southeast Michigan report hearing loud "boom" Sunday evening

Published: Apr. 22, 2018 at 11:41 PM EDT
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Some people in Southeast Michigan have reported hearing a loud "boom" that they say sounded, and felt, like an explosion.

People living in and near Bedford Township tell 13abc they heard the loud noise just before 8:30 Sunday evening.

Some viewers say they believe it happened on Erie Road between Crabb and Minx.

A 13abc crew drove to the area and found a Monroe County Deputy patrolling the road.

That deputy told 13abc he was called to check out the sound, but hadn’t found anything suspicious.

The law enforcement officer did say, however, that he felt his cruiser shake around the same time that noise was reported.

Looking on social media, our team found it’s rumored that someone in the area set-off homemade explosives, but it's not yet confirmed.

"It was a really large boom," said area resident Dustin Wertenberger. "The house shook a little bit. We came out and and didn't see anything though. [I] don't know what really happened."

13abc also reached out to DTE to see if they had a crew working in the area that could have caused such a noise. A spokesperson says the area is outside of their jurisdiction.

Our team will stay on top of this developing story and will bring you the latest details both on-air and online.