People in the community shower dialysis patient with gifts

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Last Friday 13abc aired a story about Margaret Lee. Lee said she passed out in a cab on her way to dialysis and woke up without some of her belongings.

People in the community heard her story and reached out to help.

People donated winter coats, blankets, a cell phone, gifts cards, a bag, money and a scarf.

13abc's Brigette Burnett took them to Lee on Thursday. Lee was overwhelmed with joy when she saw the gifts.

"Awe they gave me money," Lee said. Burnett replied by saying, "money and cards. You got a gift card. You got a blanket." "Ahh a blanket, Lee added. Two blankets," Burnett said.

Lee said she'll use the gift cards to buy her new shirts because her old shirts are too small.