Perrysburg rolls out tentative re-entry plan for fall

TOLEDO Perrysburg is one school district that is releasing its preliminary plan for fall re-entry to the school year.

University leaders across Florida discuss what classes will look like in the Fall. (MGN)

Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler says school districts all over the state are doing the best they can to adapt the school year and get kids back to the classroom in some capacity.

“We know that keeping students out of school is not necessarily healthy for them emotionally, socially, academically.”

However, given the pandemic, major adjustments will have to be made.

“We know that this virus is very contagious and we know that it's also deadly so we're trying to balance that out.”

The proposed plan Perrysburg is working with brings students kindergarten through 6th grade back every day except Mondays. But classes will be totally contained and not allow one class of children to interact with other students from other classes.

Junior and Senior High will be two days in class and three days of remote learning. This is specifically set up this way because kids change classes and encapsulating them in one classroom is virtually impossible. “We ran the numbers and if we have five students that test positive in one week. It is over 700 students that would have to self-quarantine and over 30 staff shuts you down,” says Hosler.

“With schools, we're still kind of in limbo and that's really challenging for all of us,” says Hosler

As for bussing? If districts are limited to one student per seat, elementary students will be bussed. “It will take 10 and a half busses to deliver the same amount of kids that last year 4 busses did,” Hosler says that eliminates High School bussing.

So much of the what the final re-entry plan will look like depends on what the state issues in its new guidelines. Those are expected to be released next Tuesday by Governor DeWine.