Perrysburg man changed after recording device found in Fallen Timbers restroom

 Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith (WTVG)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT
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A Perrysburg man was arrested and charged with voyeurism after a recording device he had placed in a restroom at a Fallen Timbers Mall restaurant was found.

Taylor Smith was booked into Lucas County Jail on the charge from the incident Monday afternoon.

According to reports, a pen was found under the sink and facing the toilet in the family restroom at the Fallen Timber's Red Robin on Monday afternoon. The employee who found the pen realized it contained a recording device and took it to restaurant management.

Mall security received the pen and noticed it was a recording device with a USB attachment. They reviewed the video, which showed a female employee of the restaurant undressing and using the restroom.

The video also allegedly showed Smith placing the device in the restroom. Two officers who viewed parts of the video both confirmed the suspect placing the device in the video was a physical match for Smith, including wearing the same clothes and sunglasses on top of his head.

Smith was seen by mall security entering his vehicle and subsequently exiting and going into another mall business. He was followed by mall security until Maumee Police could arrive.

Upon initial questioning, Smith denied the device was his. However, when he was later asked if there were any other devices at Fallen Timbers or in the Levis Commons area where he lives, Smith said it was the "only thing I ever done," and confirmed "that was a one off thing."

The employee was alerted to the video and its contents. She decided to press charges against Smith.

Smith was first taken to the Maumee Police Division for processing, where he signed forms to consent to have his other electronic devices reviewed. He was later transported to LCJ.

Smith has also been trespassed from Fallen Timbers Mall for five years.

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