Perrysburg police chief steps down

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - The Perrysburg police chief is stepping down.

After over 20 years with the department, Chief Dan Paez will retire in January. This coming after his decisions during an August officer-involved shooting in Perrysburg Township came under sharp scrutiny.

Chief Paez did not return our calls or emails for comment Wednesday. But Mayor Tom Mackin did and he says he had no plans to fire the chief amid this recent report. Mackin says this decision was made by the chief.

Chief Paez will leave Perrysburg police with over 23 years of experience. For over 9 years he served as chief.

"We were disappointed that that was the choice he made because he's really done a good job for the community," said Mackin.

In August with shots fired and a hostage in Perrysburg Township. Perrysburg city officers were ordered to stay in their own city. The incident documented on tape and was detailed by the Lucas County Sheriff's office. When those officers were allowed to the scene, Chief Paez ordered his officers to leave the scene and did not talk with incident command, according to the Lucas County report.

Mackin says he had no plans to ask Paez to resign.

“He deserves to stay on the job," said Mackin. “He's built and forged relationship with the schools and other people and really deserves a lot of credit for all the work that he's done. There's no way I was going to terminate him."

City Councilman Haraz Ghanbari has publicly called for this resignation.

"This is a time in which our city needed to make a strategic decision on the future of our police department. Not just for our citizens but for neighboring jurisdictions that we have relationships with," said Ghanbari.

Mayor Tom Mackin says there's no exact timeframe as to when a new chief will be selected.

This resignation was not revealed to the city council Tuesday night at its meeting despite Mayor Mackin receiving the resignation letter Monday. Mackin told 13abc that he wanted to sit down and talk with the chief first before making the resignation public. Mackin says the first day he could make that happen was Wednesday.