Perrysburg students honor classmate through song

PERRYSBURG (13abc Action News) - A song from friends sent out to a Perrysburg High School student who recently passed away.

Hope Burkin suffered from a genetic disorder that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer. She was receiving treatment at a Cincinnati hospital.

Fellow members of the American Sign Language Club of Perrysburg high school performed it in her memory Thursday. Through sign language they performed "Do you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables.

It was Hope Burkin's favorite.

"Hope was one of the most loving people I'd ever met. She smiled all the time and wanted to make sure everyone felt good, all the time," said Connie Christiansen, Hope’s classmate.

"Every single day I would go over to the elevator and she would always come out, right as I was about to go in and she'd give me that hope smile that juts kind of made everything better," said Haley Palicki, Hope’s classmate.

"She was aptly named. She gave a lot of people hope," said Perrysburg High School principal Dr. Michael Short. “The outpouring of emotion from the students and the staff was overwhelming but it was nothing she didn't deserve. She was a bright light."

Since school is not in session, not every kid who may have needed a counselor was around Thursday. Dr. Short says counselors will be available at the funeral homes when services are set.