Pilot walks hours to find help after plane crash

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Two people, a man and a woman, suffered serious injuries but somehow survived a plane crash in Madison Township. It happened off of Lyons Highway, just southwest of Adrian in Lenawee County.

SkyWalker Flying confirms that its flight school owner and veteran pilot Jo Walker was on board the small plane this morning. Her daughter told 13abc that Jo is in the hospital tonight. After the crash, the injured Walker spent the next four hours trying to find help.

"I would surmise quite a ways back," undersheriff Troy Bevier said. "As you can see, it's pretty much a bean field, and its pretty much woods back there."

While the FAA investigates what happened in the air Friday morning, undersheriff Troy Bevier wants to understand how Jo Walker fought her way to help.

"We found out that this crash, actually occurred about 10 o'clock this morning. And the one female occupant was able to make her way to make way to the roadway to flag someone down and call 911," Bevier said.

Bevier says the small plane with retractable landing gear hit right along the treeline. Part of the plane stayed stuck in the trees, as the rest broke apart on the ground.

"As we got here, we were informed there were two occupants of the plane. And at this point, we had at least serious injuries," Bevier said.

Since no one witnessed the crash, the call to 911 came more than four hours after impact.

"They were able to talk to the deputies and to the emergency people on the scene," Bevier said.

The off-road vehicles made the nearly mile long drive through the soybeans, to rescue the man from the crash, who was awake when they got there.

The 'open' sign was still up this evening at SkyWalker Flight, as owner Jo Walker never made it back today. Behind the flight school, private jets from NASCAR show how busy the normally quiet Lenawee County Airport is.

"Race weekend is a big weekend here and our airport does higher than normal volumes," Bevier said.

The FAA hasn't released a cause for the plane crash, and we don't know if the extra flight traffic had an impact.

We talked to two of Walker's friends and they say she is an ace pilot, with years and years of instruction experience. Those friends say today's flight was in a newer Navion plane.