Plan changes boundaries for Sylvania students

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SYLVANIA (WTVG) -- Three weeks ago, the possibility of Maplewood changing from an elementary to a school for 5th & 6th graders prompted parents to protest.

Today, many tell 13abc they're laying down their signs.

A recommendation from the Sylvania Schools Redistricting Committee keeps all 7 elementary schools, all 3 junior high schools and both high schools in place.

But the boundary lines would change.

"So, they may be in an area that borders a smaller school based on enrollment, and they're currently in a school that the enrollment's too high. And so we are shifting them to the neighboring school," explains Adam Fineske, the Teaching and Learning Executive Director at Sylvania Schools.

Fineske calls it the "hybrid" option, which balances out the number of students in each classroom and keeps those kids together from Kindergarten through high school.

That's an issue the 2nd largest school district in Northwest Ohio, with an enrollment of 7,500 students, has grappled with for years.

The committee calls this a solution.

If the school board signs off on the recommendation, the plan would start in the Fall of 2018.

The plan will be presented to the full school board Monday, May 8, 2017 and the board will vote on it Monday, May 22.

To see where your kids may end up, you can type your address into the interactive map at the link.