Police looking for man suspected of installing card skimmer in Toledo ATM

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo police are looking for the man believed to be responsible for placing a skimming device in an ATM at a Sun Federal Credit Union.

Reports show that back in September a fraud investigator informed officers that a skimmer was used to collect account and debit card information at the Monroe Street branch. Investigators say they were tipped off after getting multiple complaints from customers.

Bank leaders tell 13abc the thief stole from fewer than 100 accounts but got away with more than $13,000.

As police turn to the public for help, leaders with the Lucas County Auditor's Office are offering tips to keep your cards safe.

"We want to make sure that we do all we can to make sure that all the citizens feel safe no matter where they go and put their credit card," director of education and outreach Vincent Wiggins said.

Inspectors from the auditor's office check pumps annually at the county's nearly 200 gas stations. Something they look for on a regular basis are card skimmers.

"They actually go into the pump, open it up and inspect it thoroughly from top to bottom," Wiggins said.

When it comes to swiping your card, Wiggins says it's important to examine the reader thoroughly.

"You want to look to see if there's anything attached to the card reader, to the area where you enter you're card," Wiggins said. "If there's something attached, don't use it."

For outdoor terminals like ATM's he says it's better to err on the side of caution and use ones located inside.

"It's a lot safer for you because there's less chance that the particular thief can apply a skimmer to an inside terminal," Wiggins said.

Finally, if you swipe your card and something doesn't seem right Wiggins says you should notify someone right away.

"Call the card merchant and tell them, 'Hey, I think my card has been compromised. I think I put my card into a skimmer,'" Wiggins said.

At this point, bank leaders say all affected customers have had their money returned and had new cards issued to them. Sun Federal even installed new ATM's that leaders say can detect when they've been tampered with.

If you know anything about the man suspected of installing the skimmer at the Monroe Street location, you're asked to call Toledo Police.