Toledo's special election: How voters decided

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The polls are now closed after a rare special election in Toledo. Voters had the chance to cast their ballot on two issues.

The first, a question about whether to keep the Lucas County Jail downtown. Voters approved and now Toledo's city city charter will be amended, only allowing a new jail to be built on or near the current jail.

The other issue, known as The Lake Erie Bill of Rights, also passed and will allow citizens to sue on behalf of the lake on the issue of environmental violations.

The bill was introduced following the 2014 incident that tainted Toledo's water supply with toxic algae. Lawsuits under the Lake Erie Bill of Rights, should they stick, would force violators to pay the city of Toledo. That money would then be used to rehabilitate the lake.

Despite good intentions, though, legal experts say the law would be difficult to enforce since the Lake Erie water supply feeds more than just Toledo. According to University of Toledo law professor, Ken Kilbert, many complaints would likely involve state and federal laws which would supersede local complaints.