Pope urges Egypt's clergy to remain positive


CAIRO (AP) - The Latest on Pope Francis' visit to Egypt

Pope Francis is telling Egypt's Catholic priests to stop complaining about the challenges they face and instead work for harmony and dialogue.

Francis met with priests, nuns and seminarians at the Roman Catholic National Seminary in Cairo's leafy suburb of al-Maadi Saturday in the final stop of his quick two-day visit to Egypt. Earlier, he celebrated Mass for the Catholic community, which numbers about 250,000 people among Egypt's population of 92 million.

In his remarks to the clergy, Francis urged them to avoid "temptations" that he frequently rails against among priests: the temptation to complain all the time, to gossip and think priests are better than others.

Rather, Francis urged them to lead their flocks and not be dragged down by pessimism and disappointment.

He said: "Although there are many reasons to be discouraged, amid many prophets of destruction and condemnation, and so many negative and despairing voices, may you be a positive force."

He said: "May you be sowers of hope, builders of bridges and agents of dialogue and harmony."