Popular game bird will be released by the thousands

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Toledo (13ABC) The state of Ohio will release more than 14,000 ring-necked pheasants at 24 public hunting areas this fall.

Ring-necked pheasants are native to Asia, but were transplanted to Ohio in the late 1800's. The game birds flourished in Ohio because of agricultural and land practices at the time. Pheasant numbers rose steadily, peaking in the 1950's, and providing ample hunting opportunities. Their numbers began to decline after that as land use changed. Now there are a limited number of pheasants in the wild in Ohio.

The ODNR will reintroduce pheasants October 20 in public hunting areas, including areas here in northwest Ohio. They include the following public hunting areas:
Tiffin River
Ringneck Ridge

Pheasant hunting season opens on Friday, November 3 and remains open through Sunday, January 14, 2018. There is a daily bag limit of two roosters. No hens may be harvested. Females are all brown while the males have a green head, a red and brown body, as well as long tail feathers.

Youth and regular pheasant hunting within the Ringneck Ridge Area in Sandusky County requires a free permit from the Sandusky County Park District.

More information is available at the ODNR website.