Port Clinton roads, businesses close after flooding

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PORT CLINTON, Ohio (WTVG) - Lake Erie put on a powerful show Thursday as high winds pushed water inland.

Waves crashed onto the shore, closing streets and shuttering business in parts of Port Clinton.

"Here we go again," Marc Wolfe, store manager, Fisherman's Wharf, said.

Just feet from the water's edge is where you'll find the Fisherman's Wharf. All day, staff has been trying to keep the lake at bay and out of the store.

"The water was just barely in the parking lot when we got here at about 8:00am and now it's in the store," Eric Langermeier, charter boat captain, said.

13abc spent about an hour at the Wharf and the puddles inside started out small. Soon, water was coming in through the doors and spreading.

"Unless you live right on the lake shore you don't understand what a northeast wind can do," Wolfe said. "It doesn't have anything to do with rain, it's just pure wind."

Aside from the mess, days like this mean boats are docked and business is at a standstill.

"It's going to put us behind the 8-ball for about a week or so," Wolfe said. "This time of year, when the walleye are spawning, they really don't care what's going on out there, they're doing their business. It's just a lost day of fishing for us."

Wolfe says they try to prepare as best as possible, putting down sandbags and moving equipment to higher ground.

For now it's a waiting game and it likely won't be the last.

"An inch is as bad as six inches. It's just enough to make a mess in the store and we'll have to dry out and start all over again," Wolfe said.