Pot for pets? CBD oil could help your pets with pain, anxiety

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There have been true believers, for years, among us who say they have eliminated their pain and anxiety by using CBD oil.

And now its virtues are being claimed by pet owners.

“I thought it was snake oil when I first heard about it,” said Lauren Jacenty of Valley City, who now gives CBD oil to both of her Jack Russell Terriers, she said, with great success.

The oil is an extract from the marijuana or hemp plants and it does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC.

Dog and cat owners are offering anecdotal evidence that the oil is working wonders for their pets.

There are claims that it can reduce inflammation which, in turn, helps to reduce pain and that pets who suffer from separation anxiety or anxiety around strangers have shown significant improvement.
Anecdotal evidence is the key phrase in the preceding paragraph.

“There is no real research that’s been done on CBD oil.” said Dr. Susan Jatsek of the Independence Veterinary Hospital.

Not only is there no published research, Dr. Jatsek said she is troubled by a lack of ongoing research. That said, she is listening to the anecdotal evidence she hears from her clients.

“Typically I am not recommending it, but I am not discouraging people from it either.”

Dr. Jatsek does, however, suggest that pet owners do their own research before starting their cat or dog on a CBD oil regiment.
She suggests you research the track record of the company that produces the CBD, and understand the quality control methods used to ensure the elimination of THC.

Dr. Jatsek also said it’s important to know what testing is done for contaminants and the source of the product and the potency, which is critical in determining dosage.

CBD oil can be administered to your pet in liquid form with a dropper or treats which contain a dosage.

Jacenty has seen the positive results with her dogs, but she believes everyone needs to make their own decision when it comes to their pets.
“It’s not my job to sell anybody else on it, it’s just more my job to make sure it’s working for my dogs,” said Jacenty.

Dr. Jatsek recommends scheduling a physical with your vet to discuss what options may work best for your pets before starting a CBD oil regimen.