Pothole patrol fighting losing battle but still swinging

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - There is an order to filling a pothole. First, you blow it out.

Then you scoop up a shovel-full of cold patch asphalt. After that, you dump that patch into the gaping holes that pock mark the road.

Finally, you pound the patch into place.

In the winter, this dance goes on repeat.

Jeremy Mikolajczyk with Streets, Bridges and Harbor for the City of Toledo says, "Once we patch one area it ends up breaking up in another area so we're continuously going back through those places."

And those places are all over. We found a deep hole at Talmadge and Sylvania and asphalt was eaten down to the brick along Secor.

But we could have gone anywhere.

Driver Jessica Greer says, "I'm finding that we need to be paying more attention to our roads and a little bit more and we need to be putting some resources into them."

The city literally dumps tons of resources-- they call it cold patch-- into the Anthony Wayne trail each year.

And still, the roads are a deeply pitted mess.

You can blame the constant freeze-thaw cycle for expanding and contracting the potholes.

When asked, "How do you protect your car when there's so many potholes everywhere?", driver Katie Lohman said, "Just go really slow. Try and avoid them. It's hard."

But despite the pitfalls not every crew is concentrating on the roads.

We still have piles of leaves crew are clearing.

And then there's an ice storm coming, so that will divert attention from potholes and leaves.

But it's winter and it's always something.

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