Pothole repairs remain on track in Toledo despite rainy weather

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It has been a welcome sight and sound on Toledo's streets.

"When I pulled in I was like, 'Finally!,'" Toledoan Chris Meceonio said.

For nearly a month city crews have aggressively worked to patch potholes. It's all a part of Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz's goal to fill 50,000 of the craters in six weeks.

"I'm so excited that we can drive down our road again," Toledoan Sarah Lazenby said.

13abc spotted crews mending holes Tuesday along Nebraska near Richards. It's something Lazenby says she's waited two long years for.

"It looks like a bomb has been dropped on it, and this part right here actually floods really badly," Lazenby said.

Since work began last month city leaders say more than 40,000 potholes have been filled. Even with all the recent rain the only thing crews haven't been able to do is use a DuraPatcher, which injects a patch into the road.

With the six-week deadline closing in leaders say workers are now on track to even exceed their goal. That's welcome news for those like Lazenby who are simply fed up with the cavity-filled streets.

"Even if they fix 20,000 it would be better than it has been," Lazenby said.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz is slated to give an official update Wednesday afternoon on where things stand regarding his pothole emergency plan.